New Blaze Application

Blaze Plan
  Ignite Intro** Ignite Flaming Inferno
Download Speed Up to 10Mbps Up to 10Mbps Up To 20Mbps Up to 50Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 2Mbps Up to 2Mbps Up to 8Mbps Up to 15Mbps
Monthly Service Fee $5,499 $7,894 $9,648 $12,280
Monthly Equipment Rental $1,500 $1,500 $1,500 $1,500

*A one time installation fee of $20,000 applies. This charge will appear on your first or second bill.

A one time installation fee of $20,000 applies, for this DSL to Blaze Promo, the installation fee will be waived!

**Monthly service fee is applicable for Ignite Intro for a 12 month period only.

  GTT Fibre 5 GTT Fibre 10
Download Speed Up to Mbps Up To 10Mbps
Upload Speed Up to 2.5Mbps Up to 5Mbps
Monthly Service Fee $5,699 $7,999

Promotional Offer: Installation is FREE with any of the above Fibre Plans

Design Your In-Home Wi-Fi Experience
Tell us more about your home, so that we could recommend the appropriate number of Plume HomePass pods you require, to have the best in-home Wi-Fi experience

Your Order is for 1 Pod(s) at $0.00

Reducing recommended amount of Pods will decrease Wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage

Payment Summary

Item Type Cost
Installation One Time $20,000.00
Cost of 0 Pod(s) Monthly $0.00
Blaze Plan Monthly $0.00
Phone Plan
Call Type Free Bundle Minutes PAYG/Overage Pricing
Blaze to Blaze 450 $2.50 per min
Blaze to Landline 450 $14.00 per min
Blaze to Mobile na $18.00 per min
Customers with an existing DSL account

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