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Plan Speed Monthly Plan Cost Wireless Modem Cost
Bronze 1.5 Mbps $6,599 $9,120
Silver  5 Mbps $9,199 $9,120
Gold 10 Mbps $10,299 $9,120

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Do-It-Yourself installation includes easy-to-follow instructions for connecting your GTT Internet modem, activating your account*, and maximizing your experience.

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* All rates are quoted in G$ and are VAT inclusive


January 01st, 2019

Dear Valued Customers,

GTT has tried to maintain prices of our services despite the increasing cost of running the business due to external factors. It is therefore with deep regret that we announce that we will be increasing our prices for residential and business DSL services.

We hereby give 4 weeks’ notice that as of January 01st, 2019 our service prices will be increasing. These rates will be reflected on your February 1, 2019 bill.

We at GTT thank you for your continued support and look forward to servicing to you in 2019.